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LRIT Conformance Test Request

Authorising Flag State:

Contact details:

Billing details:
Po nummer:
Factuur in:

Schip details:
Schip naam:
IMO Schip:
Call Sign:
Gross Tonnage:
Port of Registry:
Sea Area Operation:
Equipment Type:

Compliance Details: * alle velden zijn verplicht:
This equipment is additionally used for GMDSS*:
This equipment is additionally used for SSAS*:
This equipment is compliant with provisions of resolution A.694(17) and the equipment has been tested for electromagnetic compatibility (refer to resolution A.813(19))*:
This equipment is supplied with energy from the main and an emergency source of electrical power*.:
This equipment has an internal GPS or connected external GPS*.:
This equipment is type approved under the provisions of V/19-1*.:
This is a GMDSS terminal and therefore it is type approved under the provisions of IV/14*.:
This equipment is compliant with the requirements of IEC 60945 (2002-8) and IEC 60945 (2008-04)*.:
This is the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) and therefore complies with provisions of regulation XI-2/6 and resolution MSC.147 (77)*.:

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Documentation (Conformance Test Report) will not be sent until we have cleared funds in our account. If your CTR is urgent then you are STRONGLY encouraged to pay online by credit card.

Terms To the best of my knowledge the information I have given is accurate. This information will be used to create the Conformance Test Report. Any mistakes that later invalidate the Conformance Test Report may incur additional charges to reissue the Conformance Test Report.