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Iridium GO! exec

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Iridium GO! exec


Iridium GO! exec

The first mobile device designed for the new Iridium satellite generation.

The Iridium GO! Exec offers speeds of up to 88 kbps down and up to 22 kbps up, download speeds are nearly 40 times quicker than those offered by Iridium GO!

This allows the use of standard social media apps (WhatsApp, Teams, Instagram, etc.) as well as standard email apps (Gmail, etc.) and standard websites in Firefox or Chrome browsers.


Iridium GO! exec

Ethernet port and Wi-Fi hotspot for smartphones, laptops and tablets

2 phone calls possible at the same time

Built-in rechargeable battery

Built-in speaker and microphone

2 USB-C ports for charging the battery and connecting an optional handset

IP65 weatherproof

External antenna connections for SAT and GPS

SOS button

GPS Tracking

Bluetooth connectivity


The Iridium GO! Exec is very compact and portable (1200 g), so it can be used both stationary and mobile on a boat, vehicle or camp site.

The built-in touchscreen, microphone and loudspeaker allow you to make calls directly. This means you no longer require a smartphone that is susceptible to salt water in the event of a life raft incident.

Iridium GO! vs GO! exec comparison

  Iridium GO! Iridium GO! exec

Applications -Customer-Developed Apps

-Circuit-Switched Data -Optimized Data

-IP Data

Time to Connect 30 seconds 2 seconds

Time to Start Send / Receive Data 45 seconds 5 seconds

Upload Speed 2.4 kbps 22 kbps

Time to Send 10kB Email 1 minute 10 Seconds

Download Speed 2.4 Kbps 88 Kbps

Time to Download 50kB 3 minutes 10 seconds

Web interface Yes -

BlueTooth required No Yes

Web restrictions (firewall web profile) preconfiguered configurable 

To operate the Iridium GO! exec, you need an Iridium Certus SIM card and a postpaid contract.

Additional accessories for Iridium GO! exec

Fixed Installaion Kit for GO! exec

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